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Having worked on both sides of the audition table, Richard has amassed knowledge and experience which he enjoys sharing with performers and students in workshops on audition technique and career development. These can range from a question & answer session, script-based audition masterclasses, mock auditions (either solo or as part of a panel), to his weekly course, “The Art of Selling Yourself”, which explores many aspects of selling an artist’s performing skills to potential employers, in up to twelve 2-hour sessions.

Richard works regularly with many drama schools, training centres and groups including:

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, New York

Guildford School of Acting

Rose Bruford College

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

The London School of Musical Theatre

Baardar Academy, Oslo, Norway

Birmingham School of Acting

The Actors Centre, London

Actors Centre North, Manchester

The University of Lincoln

The Actors' Guild of Great Britain

The Casting Website

Surviving Actors

City Lit

The Advanced Performer's Studio

Take pART Festival, Venue Cymru

Fuse London

Actors Platform

He was also an expert for The Stage Events, leading workshops including 'How To Nail Your Audition'. Click here to find out more and on the banner below to read what people said about the first session in February 2012.

These photos were taken at the Auditioning For Musical Theatre workshop that Richard led, with a West End dance captain and a leading audition pianist, for members of The Casting Website in March 2010.

Here's what some workshop organisers and participants have said:

'Thank you for a wonderful workshop. The actors all really got something out of it and really enjoyed the evening. The feedback has been amazing.'

Lisa Brunton-Wallace, Actors Themselves

'I really enjoyed the workshop, I found it very useful and just the right amount of professional and informal. All the feedback I have received has been very positive, mostly about how nice it is to realise that Casting Directors are not all dragons and can be very open and approachable.'

Clare-Louise English, Fuse London

'It was such a pleasure having you in! Thank you so very much for taking the time. The Singers really enjoyed the session and found you generous and informative.'

Leontine Hass, Advanced Performers Studio

'I really did enjoy the workshop, I found it very engaging and informative and gave me lots of encouragement and food for thought to go away with. I'm really pleased also that you got us to interact on a personal level with the other attendees as it made me feel more relaxed and able to be myself, but more importantly realise how others viewed me and what impression I was giving off in both a personal and professional manner.'

MB (Actress)

'The workshop was both enjoyable and educational. It has given me my first real insight into the world of casting and helped motivate me towards fulfilling my dream to become a world class actress.' 

Holly (Student, aged 15)

'Thank you so much for the insightful workshop.'

Tom (Student, aged 19)

'Thanks so much! I loved the afternoon and it was honestly SO useful - it was so great to hear the opinions of casting directors and learn more about how they work.'

Lily (Student, aged 16)

To enquire about workshops or book Richard to work with your college or group, click here 

PLEASE NOTE: as a member of The Casting Directors' Guild, Richard abides by their workshop guidelines. He therefore only works with recognised groups and does not offer private advice sessions to individuals.